Billing Software Features and UI

The Features

My client wants to manage customers and all documents for these customers. The documents should be editable so that he can change them if he made a mistake. Moreover, he uses an online shop to order parts for his customers and he wants an integration with this software. Last but not least, he wants to generate an invoice from an earlier created offer with just one click and everything should be linked up.

Development Process

Time Management

I started by creating a customer and a project in Clockify and estimated the work time for each feature. During development I tracked my wokring hours so that I have a overview over all the hours I spend on this project.

Version Control

GitHub is always a great choice for version control because of the simplicity. I created just one big repository (monorepo) which hold the frontend and the backend code. Furthermore, I worked with GitHub issues to have more control over little tasks because I can add description, title and tags to all issues. Everything is linked up with CI/CD, so every code change will automatically deploy.



I will just show some small UI-components because I don't want to add 100 screenshots.

Customer overview

Create Positions